5 Wrottersley Street Birmingham B5 4RT
Call to Book 0121 6666800      0121 6667378

In House Bakery  •  Teppenyaki  •  Sushi Bar  •  Fully Licensed  •  Established in Chinatown for over 10 years  •  Friendly Atmosphere  •  Family Friendly  •  5 minutes from Bull Ring Shopping Centre  • 
Grand buffet over 90 dishes  

Lunch Time Buffet

12:00 noon till 5:00pm
Adults: Monday to Friday £6.49
Saturday and Sunday and bank holidays £6.99
Children under 1.40 meters £4.00
Children under 2 years old FREE

Grand Buffet including Sushi and Teppenyaki

Sunday-Thursday 5:00pm - 11:00pm
Friday-Saturday 5:00pm - 11:30pm
Adults: Sunday to Thursday £9.99
Friday and Saturday and bank holidays £10.99
Children under 1.40 meters £5.00  
Children under 2 years old FREE
Cakes and sweets are now produced on the premises

Ideally Located For Theatre Shows

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Lunch Menu


Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup
Hot & Sour Soup (V)
Chinese Soup of the Day
Vegetarian Spring Roll(V)
Vegetarian Samosa(V)
Deep Fried Chicken Wings
BBQ Spare Ribs
Mongolian Lamb
Sesame Prawn Toast
Crispy Wonton
Crispy Peanut (V)
Onion Rings(V)
Sweet Potato Tempura (V)
Prawn Cracker
Pitta Bread(V)

Salad (V)

Homemade Coleslaw
Salad Potato
Garlic Cucumber
Vermicelli Noodle Salad in Peanut Sauce
Bamboo Shoot & Black Fungus Salad
Green Pepper Tomato Salad
Fresh Assorted Vegetable


Chicken & Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce
Beef & Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce
Beef in Black Pepper
Chicken Curry
Beef Curry
Indian Lamb Curry
Thai Chicken Curry
Spicy Szechuan Chicken
Five Spice Beef Brisket
Char Siu Pork Foo Yung
Shredded Pork Szechuan Style
BBQ Roast Pork (Char Siu)
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Salt & pepper Pork
Sweet & Sour Pork
Freshly Roasted Chicken
Honey Chicken Wings
Fresh Mussels in Black Bean (Seasonal)
Big Wok Special Fried Rice
Big Wok Noodle(V)
Big Wok Vermicelli(V)
Egg Fried Rice(V)
Boiled Rice(V)
Homemade Congee(V)
Made to order Ho Fan and Vermicelli Noodle Bar
Salt & Pepper Fillet of Fish
Chicken in Yellow Bean Sauce
Tasty Fruity Fillet of Fish


Stir Fried Courgette
Stir Fried Broccoli
Stir Fried Green Bean
Stir Fried beansprots
Stir Fried Celery
Stir Fried Cabbage
Stir Fried Chinese Mixed Vegetable
Spicy Szechuan Tofu
Black Pepper Mushroom
Egg & Tomato
Vegetable in Red Curry


In House bakery
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Mango Mousse Cake
Victoria Sponge Cake
Walnut Cake
Sultan Cake
Chocolate Muffin
Banana Muffin
Hot Custard
Tapioca with Coconut Milk
Fresh Mixed Fruit
Red Bean Soup Dessert
Mr Whippy Ice Cream

Grand Buffet ( Additional to Lunch Menu)

Teppanyki (Live Cooking Station)
Freshly made Sushi (Assorted)
Crispy Seaweed
Crispy Duck with Pancake and Salad
Chicken Yuk Shung with Lettuce wrap
Skewed Satay Chicken
Crispy Beef in Yellow Bean Sauce
Crispy Chilli Chicken
Fillet of Fish in Breadcrumb
Salt & Pepper Prawn
Shrimp Foo Yung
In House Bakery
Banana Fritter with Syrup
Lemon & Yogurt Cheesecake
Strawberry Mousse Cake
Apple Mousse Cake
Orange Mousse Cake
Triangle Layer Cake
Mocha Mousse Cake
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Almond Meringue Biscuit
Meringue Roll
Swiss Roll
Raspberry Jelly
Orange Jelly
Mango Mousse
Chocolate Mousse

Dishes subject to availability